Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby goes in about twelve hours, and it's the first year in 38 that I haven't followed the run-up. Several reasons: I've been busy with other races/tracks the month of April (and the Derby, though "the most exciting two minutes in sports", is analogous, in this way, with cooking a seven-course meal for a day, then immediately scarfing it down); I've followed it enough to know that the trainer (Mullins) of the pre-race fave is a secretive scoundrel, and that (like last year) it's a less than stellar field; and the Churchill Downs Inc. group are becoming more and more faceless and soulless, escpecially so after the demise of their only serious ownership competitor -- Magna.

I'm sticking to the second-tier tracks, even on Saturday, (though I'll cheer for Edgar Prado's charge in the run for the roses).

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