Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What They Say, And What They Mean

"The comments feature on this blog has been turned off for the moment. Partly this is because of the holidays and a need to *not* be checking in so often, but also because LH is not convinced that comments streams are doing much to foster discussion." (LH)

--I comment to more blogs than I can count, but when others comment on streams, either here or elsewhere, and I disagree with them, it pisses me off.

"Nor in fact, that they are the place for such discussions. The appropriate response to a poem is usually another poem." (LH)

--Traditional poets, or those who just read poems, should just shut up and appreciate the brave, hard work the visionaries provide.

"What is the appropriate response to a blog post? To be honest, the knee jerk reactions (and everyone has them) aren't helpful."(LH)

-- 'Knee jerk reactions' are my own code for substantive rebuttals which make my own one-line drive-bys look picayune.

"Mostly these streams (not only here but other places) seem to be draining energy not creating it."(LH)

--I gain a lot of energy by pontificating my biases and self-defensive manoeuvers. But when others naturally challenge the wisdom in such pronouncements, my energy seems to, indeed, drain.

"And how much time do people have to be crafting long attacks and defenses in comments streams?"(LH)

--Substance and nuance are bogus. As are well-considered angles which put an argument in historical perspective. Long live the withering drive-by!

"There have been some fine discussions (here and elsewhere) and for those I am thankful."(LH)

--I like people who not only agree with me, but whose responses are minor variations of 'excellent post, LH!'.

"Otherwise, I look forward to posts, and poems, and more time to think about them. More time to reflect before hitting save, send, publish."(LH)

--Especially when my false you tube analogies come back to bite me.

"Happy Holidays and welcome incoming bloggers."(LH)

--Especially those who challenge the Eastern based, male, comspiratorial tribal aggressive negative reviewers who control all the poetic discussion in this country.


Anonymous said...

That other BP,

Surely you don't indict LH based on the evidence of her bloggery? That would be so tribal of you, so unwilling to grapple with her intention (to be overbearingly right.) Remember, this is the example Christian Bok held up to all as a real Canadian critic! Bow down! You must bow!


Brian Palmu said...

I am chastened. I will wait for the poetry review challenge (from Beattie's post a month back) to be finalized before making any such further shameful declarations. The spirited prose arguments will be there -- I believe in Santa!