Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Claire Croissant's Missives And Mistakes

A multi-organism free-for-all, Claire Croissant's exploration into the shallowest recesses between sentience and new academic creation, Missives And Mistakes, nevertheless manufactures chaos into what it means when peoplehoods on unintelligible matters commit those clever thoughts to page and book thereby adding to the understandable apprehension that when one goes under, more and many are soon to follow. (Cassandra was a gutsy gal, but her response was questionable.)

So: "verities of maple, freshets of vowels, tumblings of inexactitude parade in a quandary" meaning that maple is maple, vowels aren't fresh in this case (lower or upper), and full marks for fearless self-analysis.

Objectivity is used as contrast. We're treated to found fact, and newspaper phrases float on a theoretical stew like violin string on stagnant pond water, ripples occasionally altering the sheep gut letters from an infrequent, feeble wind: "while we shift categories and accept the lessons, fulminating a word misconstrued and egocentric, the 40,000 dead in Turkey submerged in a crime of consumerist vocables". Check, and checkmate! Onward, avant soldiery.

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