Monday, April 7, 2008

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Discovered this through bookninja (thanks to George Murray) regarding getting a book deal through attracting the attention of publishers scouring the tech ether for product.

I read the first five posts of the site author (the comments section runs from 500 - 800 entries, typically), and can see what the popularity is about: he hits all the cultural hot-topic buttons: hip or wannabe hip "white" folks (substitute "middle-class") showing their coolness and commercial greed (while covering it with moral alternative choice) by attaching to here-today-gone-tomorrow trends, all as receivers of cultural envy and as assuagers of self-guilt.

The intriguing presentation of the author is that the latest trend is depicted by an anonymous smug and superior interviewer/prosecutor, and in which the target of the cultural hypocrisy is punctured by a winking moral elevation. He deflates his own smugness, thus wanting to have his cake while also slobbering over it, as a means to say "I'm implicated" (ironically and hypocritically, in my opinion) when he brings up his own inclusion into this "trend" by announcing the book deal.

He has an endless unfolding present and future industry going here, since mass-media-stimulated ephemeral cultural desires engender exponentially their own success in a psychologically familiar process of "more diversion, then more still to cover the insatiable dissatisfaction".

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