Friday, July 24, 2009

The Toronto Star and "Truth"

Just posted this on Nigel Beale's nota bene books blog. Channelling it here. It's in response to Nigel's posting of Kathy English's defensive patronizing of "the blogosphere" for transparently self-protective reasons.

"A news organization’s credibility depends on its commitment to truth, accuracy and fairness." --Kathy English

A news organization’s first two priorities are to its advertisers and narrow-focus poltical, structural, stylistic slant. If “truth” gets in the way of those two priorities, it gets shuffled to the back of the bus. What hypocritical, arrogant twaddle. There’re many examples of bovine excrement on blogs of all sorts, but there are also many plusses lacking in the mainstream outlets: speed, depth, quantity, less pressure to conform due to less claustrophobic higher-ups, passionate engagement due to writing for pleasure instead of filling out a word-count in order to cash a cheque by deadline, freedom to explore many non-mainstream subjects (i.e. pick an artistic genre) because of a lack of concern over quantity of readers ….

Of course, these snipes come from news outlets because they’re losing traffic to on-line options. Rather than reflecting and changing with the inevitable tide, they’re trying to compete with an outdated paradigm.

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