Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Peter Trower, Heather Haley, Lyle Neff


Esteemed West Coast poet Peter Trower will make his last poetry reading in Gibsons, the town in which he's long been associated. Peter has recently moved to North Vancouver, and, since he's departed the Sunshine Coast, is looking forward to a last chance personal connection with many local friends and other readers, either long-standing or new.

Respected West Coast poets Heather Haley and Lyle Neff will also be reading from their work.

Location: Chaster House Hall in Elphinstone(Gibsons), 1549 Ocean Beach Esplanade

Date/Time: November 14 at 7 p.m.

Tickets: $5 advance at Beauchamps in Molly's Lane, Lower Gibsons, as well as Windsong Gallery, 5721 Cowrie St., Sechelt.

Tickets, if seating still available, also at the door.

Any other questions, feel free to send me mail. (No ferries back to Vancouver and area after the reading -- the last sailing from here, unfortunately, is 8:20 p.m.)


Unknown said...

Hello Brian,
I am trying to connect with Peter Trower. I have come across his poem called Bute Inlet, and would like his permission to use it in a collection of stories we are assembling about Bute Inlet. I would also like to speak with him about any personal experiences he may have had in the inlet. Our effort is to provide Traditional Ecological Knowledge for the Canadian Environmental Assessment as they consider the massive river diversions project proposed by Plutonic and GE for Bute Inlet. Thanks if you can contact me with information for locating Peter Trower!

Brian Palmu said...

FOBI, go to "view my complete profile" at the bar on the right of the main blog. When you click it, you'll get the profile page which has my email add. Send me a "hello", and I'll give you Peter's phone # at that time.