Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Pre-Approved Olympic Poem


Once every two years we can lock
International strife into a vault
And celebrate Olympic jocks
By the TV, slurping McDonald's malt

(I'm lovin' it!) and retro Coke
(It's the real thing!), every Panasonic
In the land fixed on spiraling smoke
Shading the hooped logo simple as phonics

Rules and demonstrations (spurn that pizza joint!)
Which box in the joys and union
Of a world joining hands. Only a coy quoint
Would delink and grouse. An onion

By my eyes when I saw Ben Johnson
(No need for a Doc) streaking under the wire.
Canada, all along the Shield, lit Ronsons
And sang the Molson (Coors) ditty! Not for hire

Our perfervid band, in spontaneous lockstep
With "I am Canadian!", and Sleep Country, all.
No desire for a poetic rep,
And though some whine about Montreal,

This athletic confederation kisses
A globular amalgam of human growth.
Whores moan under the flood of cash. We miss
The Virgin Islands, and we're loath

To switch from BCTV, La Tribune,
The Globe and Mail, Saskatoon Star Phoenix.
Fill that Purolator with my Juicy Fruit!
Just do it! (Check.) And get in the mix.

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