Monday, May 17, 2010

Contest Results

I would have liked to have sent out the prize of a purchase, but the only entry was from a Chinese character spammer, and I feel no compunction in spoiling that attempt. I warned you about that enviro-diet book review, but, on second and third thought, feel in tune with switching course and laying down a whack of mini-reviews I've had in the hopper the past two months. But first ....

Here're the answers, for anyone curious about matches (from the last post):

a) 19. From "Another visit to the Oracle"

b) 24. From "Cain"

c) 6. From "The Faerie Queene"

d) 15. From one of his poems, ha!

e) 22. From "Dead lakes"

f) 2. From The Hobbit

g) 21. From King John

h) 14. From Playboy Of The Western World

i) 11. From A Handful Of Dust

j) 23. From The Tree Of Yoga

k) 12. From Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

l) 3. From "Grey Eyes"

m) 17. From "[37]"

n) 13. From "Untitled" from The Energy Of Slaves

0) 5. From "XIII" from Trilce

p) 4. From "Spring"

q) 18. From "Nevertheless"

r) 25. From "Skunk Hour"

s) 8. From "45" from "Caelica"

t) 16. From G.

u) 7. From "Spring" (Not an alternate version of Moore's poem.)

v) 1. From "Nocturne"

w) 10. From "July Man"

x) 26. From "Down, Wanton, Down!"

y) 20. From "Lady Lazarus"

z) 9. From "Reality"

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