Thursday, January 24, 2013

Notes And Quotes

Enthusiastic writer and blogger Mark Sampson has initiated a (re)read and discussion forum for James Joyce's Ulysses.

This'll be my third time through the anti-twitter novel. I first read it in the early eighties, then took a long break before a return to it some 3 or 4 years ago. And now, with much of it still burning low in my mind, I'll see if I can get more than a thumbsmudge (ah, those Joycean compounds) of stardust this go 'round. Anyone else interested is more than welcome to join in. Just contact Mark.


My review of Christopher Meades' novel, The Last Hiccup, is just out in issue 63 of subTerrain.


The following quote from overrated coach Mike D'Antoni may be one reason why the LA Lakers are not much better than the Charlotte Bobcats:

"Now you get down to brass tactics and open your heart up and let everything be raw and see if we can solve some of the problems or the issues and just go forward."

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