Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ethereal Beauty #31

Beached and barnacled, I'm back on my back,
Lidless jitters trailing light ceiling shadows
Of the aquarium. Platyrrhine
Tropical swimmers pucker, giving me
The wet come-on. I fidget below, O sad day.

The bushynose placo haunts, wriggling back,
Ransacking the turbid water for a friend.
I see myself in you, ferrous-coat. Shave
Currents in your madcap measle-display,
Submerged topiary-link in prism folds.

I drift to sere shoals in fevered dreams
Smacking mackerel, ingesting Apple Jack,
Capping the child-proof Rx in an hour.
Post-it notes addressed from me to me
Surprise and delight with unexpected warmth.

Shovelnosed bristle, I can’t follow
Your message. Deluged freedom fingers me,
Crook and sashay, collagen coyness.
Rubber hose (not of nurse) filters water,
Correcting every sunless mistake.

Frisk me, suckerfish, roquet my left ball
Into my right, release my venom
Into sun, searing peonies and ponies
And Pekinese (wanna peek in these?).
All hands on deck for the detention dreck

Rodomontading from my bile-soaked fingertips.
The aquarium’s blue lights dim, and glum
With constipated faces of Andy Rooney,
The panaques flip impatiently. I freeze,
Afraid of scurfy follicle fallout,

As I peer over the metal brim and wince
When the upturned faces, winkless, caper
In sardonic avoidance. Kissing the glass,
I mimic the water-jail wishers.
Tame and repetitive, I sink.

Bushynose of open cube, find me out
Before I take an ax to the glass borders
And flood the floor with floppers. Imagine!
I’ll take ‘Famous Sheep’ for six thousand, Alex.
Where’s the nurse with the little pink biscuits?

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