Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ethereal Beauty #40

Wandering, unsavory, in fields of wildflower blades,
Caressing fickle shade of bumbling bees, tonguing stems,
I beaver and bevel in askew underwear. Parrots
Remark on defending parapets (wet dog; skunk)
From escaped gases, short-squawking for my embarrassed
Pleasure. Pleasure, where an ad of a hammock repeats
In languorous loops the travel guide, mocking me with
Laughter of bikinied athletes on permanent holidays
From astringent scripture crisscrossed with chicken-scratched
Footnotes, colours with yellows and reds. I sag, scratch
My chicken-necked scrotum which vacillates like the winds
On the Hebrides.

I’ve sailed and sojourned and sulked in every torn pamphlet
I’ve written, the wind now discarding them past municipal
Garbage dumps in a frenzy of severe seasons, decaying
Sheets now pocked with pigeon-droppings and buried
In coffee grounds beside the funeral grounds of sailors
Who, with bitten cheeks, crested the spittle-flecked squalls
Surmounting centuries of sighs on seas of foam blasted
And battered across engine-rooms of bilge-backed-up sermons.
I separate from my soiled mattress, and inspect nose hairs
Separating from crusties, avuncular cilia
Oscillating with admonitory wags my finger
Cannot subdue.

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