Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ethereal Beauty #57

Stomach and lungs across fence stump,
Eyes like a bobbing bubbled level
One inch from grey crossgrains
Whose estuary-scratches meander under
My appendix, and the bubble, caught,
Is propped up along miles of tracking beams
Where burnished dusk meshes, embeds
The perpendicular border, a breeding
Suspicious line slicing land into
Dichotomies of hysteria

When all anyone else needs to do
Is note the same declensions of grassspears
On either side
And the wind’s unconstricted choices.

Wrenched neck,
A grotesque cobra, fangless, hanging
My one-piece jumper-hood over my eyes.
The flathead nail I wrench out in my fist
Leaves a dusty suppuration,
Bloodless, socketed by the coming black air.

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