Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ethereal Beauty #60

Wild distant shore, unheard applause, or are
The bright shells, sea-scrubbed, goading me again?
Dewclawed, paws crossed in defensive X, lone
Friend (rented from the shabby kennel), I
Break biscuits with you, jam signals of hymns
In furry A-frame ears. Breath of rotten
Oolachan, let’s lope down the dale and dry
Our scaled flecks. Air nudges the riot
Of violets in the fence-lined ditch, green
Furry hearts shy behind the indigo.
Napping setter, I await my swell of fans,
Hiding, they, in colonnaded interstices
Of shattered honeycombs of my home
Where life (I hope, fond fur) once held me strong.

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