Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ethereal Beauty #68

The backstabbing vermin, fulminating time-charters
Threatening standards in the speakeasy,
They'll revoke ‘Writing Tips From Pastor Due Date’ subscription,
Spiking my Metamucil with rug shampoo,
The mixture downed on heath and cliff.
Tinfoil beanies! Blight! Holy union in a pulse,
Revolving in swirling cuspidors of the scrapyard.
Quorums of smellshocked makers of porkpie hats.
Poor saplings, sapped
Of strength, saps all, capon-quartered,
Blessed, bless me down, hover over
My empty overalls, it's all downhill, Walt,
I'm folding my pup tent in a den of iniquity,
Going my way, ethereal aneurysm?
Hand me down loins, lyings
Patrolling known lines, chewing heads off “love in wonder”.
Thrust and repel, I'm repelled forever
With false teeth and smile,
I have a holy plan and a perversion to match.
Can you sing me away, Eternal One?
The clouds have circled my wooden wagon.

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