Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ethereal Beauty #75

I'm on top, paternal capon with a Pfizer jolt,
Trying to pick your virtual box in this shameful dark.

Pop 'em out like popcorn, Love, my shaft bows, haft
Manhandled to no avail. Fame awaits impatiently.
One of those little beggars will fill in my space
Of indecency with chromosomal whys.
Untruss the industrial strength corset.
Put a bible under your ass.

God's bounty: love, charity, hope, but the greatest
Is depravity when the loopy eunuchs screw in the rules
And the fourth-place Portuguese beauty entrant
Responds to my ogling with the grace
Of a form letter to my profile page bars.
It's all in the quantity of advertisements.
I'm one (for Maalox).

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