Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ethereal Beauty #74

I remember, Loveliest, your gargoyle mouth
In awe, perhaps, of my vapid outpourings
Non-stop from overheated pen
Squiggling like an acupuncturist’s needle
Stuck in a shark
For your eye only.
You ignored me six years before
That first and only acknowledgement:
“Get lost!”

Now, clouds are descending on fields,
Cannon after-shot bands
Thick in thickets and gummed gorse.

How far down does this well go?
All I see are pinprick lights at the wrong end
Of a high-powered telescope,
Phosphorescent fantasies
Of Jacques Cousteau about to let loose
A whale harpoon between my eyes,
Neptune’s illegitimate son,
And Orpheus hitting on DiCaprio’s girlfriend.
Stagnant water laps my speedos,
Snoring over boring oratories.
Finally I rub shoulders with sad Eddie Hinton
And a Taoist frog at bottom.

A classic scrapes the wall, but who will hear it now?
Lower a mic from the sky, heaven dead,
Striking this obsidian swell.
Singe my heart, labouring.

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