Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ethereal Beauty #12

Death walks around me on ridiculous little feet,
Invisible, loping foul, tamping my friar's cowl,
Groaning with an ocean’s gathered weight of amour-vomit.

Confused Love, arrested development fed my arrest.
Prattling an anthem in a choir of henroost and crickets,
I, flustered, unloaded my pencil and plunged my bare sword

In curly confines of matted domestic doll, Baaah!
Strange moons of blue edam fester in the eve's slough
Where nuts of frustrated monks the size of pumpkins suspire.

In languished language, my unread autobiography
Gathers wood ticks and fridge culture in its jaunty transport
From shed to den to cow pasture where prominent patties

Describe my verse in enthralling finale. Nurse!
Rob my cradle of fuzzy memories. Parachute
The parson on top of my sunburnt head, scowling

Like admonitions at a competitive bake-off
Fixed for the organist’s upside-down cake where palsied
Televangelists enlist my verse for sing-a-longs

At a camp for hosannah-testers. On the back deck
I circle my grief and prong those whose bicuspids
Crunch the shattered shells on a set of Lord Of The Flies.

Free me, Father! I stare and glare and say I care,
But it's only to snag that overseas wench from
Jawings of Fabio poet-puffers with AirCared hair.

I'll find my soggy loinflap buffeted by a sour wind.

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