Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ethereal Beauty #24

Rimming surface dust on hospital oak tables
With elongated tongue: listen to my fable:

Razor burns cover my back, shoulders, toes, neck.
Now I'm smooth and hyped to go and write more dreck.

I fell down the laundry chute by the dispensary
And became enmeshed in pale hose hoarding fleas.

Columns of smoke pour from my ears and addled ass
Waiting for Nurse Wooden Spoon to come and make a pass.

Termites in my cereal, vipers in my mind,
(Nurse, extract this carrot from my abused behind.)

Writing a sappy saga for a delusional Love,
I sicken even myself. Down the barf I shove.

"Tenderest angel of beauty in hearts of two";
Excuse while I join poor readers, and also spew.

They've repaired my dentures, I'm good to bite the bums
Of all the google-eyed fish in the aquarium.

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