Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ethereal Beauty #19

In beauty of a love
My love in beauty
As if a love was beautiful
All in God's love

Beautiful and beyond, all of eyes
And smiles to wonder
As if as if as if as if
In love beauty God's gift ….

Aaaaaahh! The letters blur.
Unstitched swaths of words flicker,
Shot scum from a slag incineration
Evaporating mid-air.

Catacombs crumbling like abandoned mines
Furred, felled by negligence.
Labyrinthine whispers. Air-choked bats
Affix on caked one-by-eights.

A family album asunder
Stolen copper fixtures
With unknown faces smiling
Around the serpentine pipe-bars.

Blinkered by church fears,
I wander through cyber-bogs
Endlessly reworking
My one piteous scroll.

Stifling sick rooms applaud
My every poem, I standing
On my cot, nose effluent
Caught on my flapping sleeves.

Melodramatic balloon
Of hope, float out
Of my scoped incomprehension.
Sever this day.

Down long wasted years
The song became stillborn,
Became a parody of a parody
Thin with diseased keening.

I, a farcical satyr,
Fulminating in distemper,
Outlets like sensuous trap-doors,
Grieve the short road.

Songs I try to remember
When the voices are absent --
Innocent upgiving hymns of peasants
And homesteaders in groups.

Vocal oceans spilling
From my mouth?, …. their mouths
A sanctuary of acceptance
Turtling now under bramble thatches.

“Howsoever they may fall”.
Bloodless tankers afloat on pegs,
Drydocked my heart
Along the long and gullible corridors.

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