Monday, November 3, 2008

Ethereal Beauty #3

Scratch my back, I'm full of fleas;
Don't forget my gonads, please.
Wind me up with consummate ease
Before I sputter, cough, and wheeze.

Come here, Love, you're mine forever.
You're my one true blue endeavour.
My umbilical cord, sever.
Call me Lucy, call me Trevor.

I'm leaking lime juice out stuffed ears.
Picking poetry as my career
Causes readers to laugh and jeer.
I‘ll never see the dais as seer.

I've written for 'Broken Hearts Daily',
For 'Daffodils And Tulips Gaily'.
If your heart droops, I'll never fail ye.
For a life perverted, they jail me.

I'm a test case, the bearded lady
Or elephant man of vast Hades.
One squirt of oyster juice, baby,
And I'm cavorting with weird Sadie

Under pier as I peer up her skirt.
In all the vast meadows, I'm Fra Flirt.
Women flock to me with their hurt.
Lick my nipples under my hairshirt.

Repair my ego, I'll write an ode,
Love, in sappy mysterious code.
Come into my squalid abode.
(Jesus into town on his ass rode

And, I hear, shook his head when
He saw the gaping idiot men
Hanging on his every word, then
Penned paeans demented, without end.)

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