Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ethereal Beauty #25

Curtsying in psychedelic lingerie,
I prattle with cauliflower lips, sugared
With licorice lemon Pledge. I dial up Flo
Who mangles my retreating organ on off days.

I saw an infomercial, wearing rabbit ears
Like Ray Walston of "My Favorite Martian",
And they advertised a Bow-Flex, backdrop curtains
Brushing a subliminal poem on ‘love‘.

Silly putty on eyes, hilly grey temples have I
Where no thought not adorned with religious soft soap
Permeates my mad-cowlike formulations.
I'd two-by-two your four-by-four, then deep six it

For gassing up in front of my "Welcome, Love!" mat.
Abandoned key in field, unknown symbol
To explore on sweaty hands. Roast my loins
In a double-blind study. Swallow my sermons.

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