Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ethereal Beauty #26

Answered prayer: “return to sender”.
Trumpetting mouth. War has broken.
Chants collect in a compost scrum.
Peckers tab my wooden scarecrow.

Trumpetting mouth. War has spoken.
Shelve those soldiers, toy with my wish.
Peckers stab my wooden scarecrow.
Atlas heaves my medicine chest.

Shelve those soldiers, destroy my wish.
The fast boat leaves the dock at eight.
Atlas thieves my medicine chest.
Buzzards perch on my black fence post.

The last boat leaves the dock at eight.
Rest Cs in head, rosined bow.
Buzzards perch on my blackened host.
Reported God-face down dark hall.

Press me in bed, skull-and-crossbones.
Free me, please, and rivet the page.
Distorted God-face down dark hall.
Immaculate basket on nascent path.

Fleer my pleas and rivet the cage.
Ants collect in a compost scrum.
Plaqueless casket in acid bath.
Rancid prayer: “return to sender”.

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