Monday, November 17, 2008

Ethereal Beauty #16

Funiculus of a noose, my hold on reality
Frayed to the last faded crusty sisal, I'm a ceramic pig

On a track of greyhounds looking under every divot
For my Love who barbeques my banns in lighter fluid.

I wrote her "To Beauty" while my mushrooming head, grey
Hollow, dry, spewed dust as in a tracheotomy patient’s sneeze.

My dentures are quite the hit among gumming koalas
Who pepper my pecker with peptic puckers as they play.

Four score and etcetera my granddaddy recoiled in horror
As his unborn scion appeared to him in a fleecy nightmare.

Grocery shopping in a print dress as the canteloupes I fondle,
It dismays me the Scripture does not anticipate my coming.

Second time I came, I shouted "Eustace!" into the Buy & Sell
While the twenty-watt flickered over my uncaptioned head.

Once a century a sad-sack verser with gnome's disease ingratiates
Upon a startled readership his hubris overflowing with bat plaque.

Love, though you've fallen asleep or clicked on another profile,
Give back, in a Mason or denture jar, my weakly flicking heart.

Your love was like a red, red nose on Rudolph, shining on me
Like an angry stop light at the end of a pitch-black wharf.

Fold me up, spindle me, turn my wine into water, and give
Me back my stale loaves so's I can cover them in sheepdip.

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